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Cannabis made simple.

We specialize in cultivating connoisseur quality cannabis strains that are batch-crafted and meticulously grown to ensure the ultimate cannabis experience. We implement eco-friendly practices that enable us to produce exceptional quality flower while maintaining a lower carbon footprint. Our facility is powered using clean energy, hydroelectric and wind power from the Columbia River Basin. We’re pleased to admit that our grow process captures the true essence of the Pacific North West.

Our love for the environment shows in all that we do; from the snow-capped mountain tops of the Olympics and the Cascades, to the beautiful Puget Sound and sun-kissed Columbia River Basin, we are proud to be here!

Trinity uses three different growing methods: Indoor, Greenhouse and Sungrown. As a multi-faceted production facility, we provide several distinctly different cultivation types to provide a wider variety of flower options. Each cultivation type has different key attributes that makes each particular strain of flower differ from one cultivation type to the next. Our on-line ordering is easy, our pricing is competitive and our customer service is relentless.

One of Our Best Sellers:

Critical Purple Kush (Indica)

Palate & Essence: Sweet and fragrant buds with grape flavored overtones.

Effect: Heavy body effects and feelings of deep relaxation accompanied by a sense of calm and well being.

Our Process and Products

We begin by choosing the finest genetics available then sorting each strain by phenotype in order to ensure plant potency, vigor and yield traits. We then produce our fleet of Mothers, from here they’re transitioned into cloning, vegetative growth phase and onto flowering. It is in these three stages of development that our team executes a combined 50 years of cultivation technique.

Whether in our state of the art indoor production facility, in the greenhouse or with our Sungrown line, Trinity prides itself on sheer devotion to quality. After harvesting each lot, the flowers are hand manicured, very carefully dried and slowly cold cured to perfection. We then send our product to the lab for testing of microbial, potency and terpene analytics data, then onto packaging and concentrate production.

Trinity Productions vows to provide consumers clean, high quality cannabis products with above all, a commitment to quality first. We strive to maintain superior customer service from our farm directly to your retail store as a purveyor of top shelf Pacific NW Grown Cannabis.

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Information & Orders at: (360) 447-8097